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Welcome. To get you settled, I wanted to share with you our latest enhancements to theimagehouse and what it means for you. We have recently created a client portal which allows clients to login, manage their websites, order services, manage email accounts, make online payments, register domains, submit support tickets and more. I am definitely excited about the new system and confident that you will take advantage of it too. 
Remember to login to your account today, browse around and familiarise yourself with the new system. Keep a look out for new features and services.
PS: If this is your first time login in then please use the following details:
Username : your email address
Password : Kudujewo786@ (remember to change your password)
If you’re interested in learning more about the portal, feel free to contact me. I’m always here to help you in any way I can.
Thank You
Rashaad Sallie
Tel/WhatsApp : 072 599 6269
Please take a few minutes to read about the new features.
Client Portal Features.
Feeling excited and want to dive right in? Click here to register / login to your account.
Hosting & Domains 
Fully automated hosting account setup and management with domains, renewals, transfers and registrations too.
Billing & Automation 
Automatic billing and invoice creation based on services ordered. Make immediate online payments with our secure PAYFAST or Paypal systems.
Customer Support 
Centralised customer communications that allows you to get help even when we’re not around.
Intelligent Domain Name Suggestions 
Suggestions, also known as Domain Namespinning, work by providing you with intelligent domain name suggestions at the time when you are looking to buy a domain.
Real Time Availability Checking
Check domain availability using our real-time polling of WHOIS services and registrar APIs.
Self Management Portal
Allows you to manage every aspect of your domain registration via the self-service client portal.
PDF Invoices
Professional looking PDF invoices and receipts.
Recurring Billing
Invoice generation and payment capture for subscription based services.
Accepted Credit Cards
Merchant gateway processor integration enables you to pay using credit cards directly.
Complete PayPal Integration
Payments accepted via Paypal.
Support Departments
Support departments to group similar tickets and separate responsibilities.
Knowledgebase 24/7
Automatically provided intelligent knowledgebase article suggestions as users enter support requests, helping reduce the amount of tickets.
Latest news, information and special offers. Announcements are displayed within the client area with social media sharing integration.
Network Status
A dedicated system for notifying you about service impacting maintenance and downtime for upgrades and security enhancements.
Added Features
These are just a few of the features available, and more are on their way. The best way to take full advantage of the client portal is to login to your account.
I would like to thank you for your continuous support of theimagehouse and I am definitely looking forward to a new and better 2020 with you.
Thank You
Rashaad Sallie.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

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